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The proper name for magic truffles is sclerotia, and they are in the same fungus family as magic mushrooms. The magic mushroom develops as a fruiting body above the ground. Here, the sclerotia are visible as a thickening of the mycelium, the underground component of the fungus that is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the soil. When there is no nutrition in the fungus, they first serve as nutrient storage. Under the right circumstances, sclerotia can develop into mushrooms above the ground.

The “magic mushroom” and the “magic truffles” are related and all contain psilocybin, psicoline, and baeocystin/norbaeocystin, the most interesting psychoactive substance being psilocybin.

Regarding psilocybin.

Tryptamines are closely related to LSD and DMT because they are a component of the main ingredient in magic truffles, psilocybin. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and psilocin interact inside our bodies as psilocybin changes into psilocin. Serotonin affects appetite, sleep, feelings, mood, self-confidence, and sexual behavior. Psilocybin is not addictive even though tolerance can develop.

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Indigenous peoples from all over the world have been using psilocibin for at least 10,000 years for dream interpretation, prayer, and healing. The holy rite can be found in Central American portraits, motifs, and sculptures as well as 6000-year-old rock paintings in Spain, and 7,000–9,000-year-old cave paintings in Algeria.

After R. G Wasson traveled to Mexico with a photographer to meet Mara Sabina, the Mazatec curandera (medicine woman), psilocybin mushrooms gained popularity as a recreational drug in the 1960s. They became the first “Western” men to ever be known to have consumed magic mushrooms. After a report in a renowned magazine about their experience with magic mushrooms, the information spread like wildfire, and recreational use in Western culture increased.

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The “set” refers to the person’s appearance and mindset. It’s crucial to begin a psychedelic journey in a sound state of mind and body. It’s critical to have the right objective in this situation.

Conditions and settings make up the atmosphere. It is suggested that you travel in a setting where you feel at ease with people you trust. Purchase magic truffles in the USA.

About 30 minutes after ingestion, the effects start to show. The majority of users report vibrant visual effects and a strong sense of community, though no trip is ever the same. Many people interpret this new perception of time and space as a mystic experience. The effects last between four and six hours on average. At the end of the journey, you have gained knowledge, insight, and understanding. These remain with you and can be incorporated into you.

buy magic truffles USA | magic truffles for sale | order magic truffles


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